What is red button on back of Primo Water dispenser?



Primo water dispensers have gained popularity for their efficient delivery of refreshing, clean water. As you explore the various features of a Primo water dispenser, you may come across a red button located on the back. This button serves specific functions that contribute to the ease of use and maintenance of the dispenser. In this guide, we will delve into the features and functions of the red button on the back of a Primo water dispenser, providing insights on how it can enhance your overall water dispensing experience.

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What is red button on back of Primo Water dispenser?

Hot Water Child Safety Lock

1.1. Prevent Accidental Burns

One of the primary functions of the red button is to activate the hot water child safety lock. When the lock is engaged, it prevents accidental dispensing of hot water, reducing the risk of burns or injuries to children who may be curious or unaware of the potential dangers associated with hot water.


1.2. Easy Activation and Deactivation

To activate the hot water child safety lock, press and hold the red button for a few seconds until the indicator light illuminates, indicating that the lock is engaged. Similarly, to deactivate the lock and allow access to the hot water function, press and hold the red button again until the indicator light turns off.


1.3. Promote Household Safety

The hot water child safety lock offers peace of mind for households with young children. It ensures that access to hot water is controlled, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting a safe environment for everyone in the home.


Resetting the Dispenser

2.1. Restoring Proper Functionality

The red button on the back of a Primo water dispenser also serves as a reset button. If you encounter any issues with the dispenser, such as unresponsiveness or an error message, pressing the red button can help reset the system and restore proper functionality.


2.2. Press and Hold to Reset

To reset the dispenser, locate the red button on the back of the unit and press and hold it for approximately five seconds. This action resets the internal components of the dispenser and rectifies minor malfunctions or errors that may have occurred.


2.3. Seek Additional Troubleshooting Assistance

While the reset button can resolve minor issues, persistent problems may require further troubleshooting or professional assistance. Consult the user manual or contact Primo customer support for guidance or to schedule repairs if needed.


Priming the Dispenser

3.1. Ensuring Optimal Water Quality

Another function of the red button on the back of a Primo water dispenser is to facilitate the priming process. Priming is essential when initially setting up the dispenser or after replacing the water bottle to ensure optimal water quality and taste.


3.2. Push to Release Air

To prime the Primo water dispenser, press the red button briefly. This action helps release any trapped air within the dispenser’s water lines, ensuring that only fresh, clean water is dispensed.


3.3. Follow Initial Setup Instructions

Primarily during the initial setup of your Primo water dispenser or after replacing the water bottle, refer to the user manual for specific instructions on priming. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines will ensure the elimination of any potential impurities from the water lines and promote the highest-quality water dispensed from your Primo dispenser.


Water Flow Control and Line Purging

4.1. Enhancing Water Dispensing Efficiency

The red button on the back of some Primo water dispensers may play a role in controlling water flow and purging the lines. This feature helps establish an efficient water flow, ensuring that the dispenser operates smoothly and consistently.


4.2. Convenience and Ease of Use

By incorporating water flow control and line purging capabilities into the dispenser, Primo enhances the user experience. These functions eliminate the need for manual adjustments or additional steps to achieve optimal water flow, thereby providing convenience and ease of use.


Automatic Delayed Shutoff

5.1. Energy Efficiency

Some Primo water dispensers may feature an automatic delayed shutoff function, which ensures energy efficiency by reducing power consumption. The red button may be used to activate this feature and modulate the time it takes for the dispenser to automatically shut off after dispensing water.


5.2. Customizable Settings

By pressing and holding the red button, you may be able to adjust the delayed shutoff time to suit your preferences. The ability to customize automatic shutoff settings allows for energy-saving practices that align with individual usage patterns and environmental considerations.


Maintenance and Safety Considerations

6.1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your Primo water dispenser, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. When conducting routine maintenance, it is advisable to unplug the dispenser from the power source and press the red button to deactivate any operational functions temporarily.


6.2. Safe Access to Internal Components

The red button may offer temporary deactivation of certain features, providing safe access to internal components for cleaning or maintenance purposes. Always follow recommended safety precautions and consult the user manual for detailed instructions on cleaning, maintenance, and accessing internal components.



The red button on the back of a Primo water dispenser serves multiple functions to enhance your water dispensing experience. Its primary role is to activate the hot water child safety lock, preventing accidental burns and ensuring a safe environment for households with young children. Additionally, the red button can serve as a reset button, helping restore proper functionality if any issues arise. It facilitates the priming process, purging air from the dispenser’s water lines to ensure optimal water quality.


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